Transforming Airport Operations: AirportLabs' PFM Solution Redefines Passenger Flow Optimisation

Romana Pintea
February 2, 2024
Transforming Airport Operations: AirportLabs' PFM Solution Redefines Passenger Flow Optimisation

The end-to-end solution that optimises the passenger journey

Airports worldwide share a common goal - to deliver a service that meets and exceeds passenger expectations. At the heart of this challenge lies the imperative to minimise waiting times, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable passenger journey. This ensures both that the target level of service is met and that passengers can engage in revenue generating activities rather than queuing.

To achieve this objective, airports require end-to-end solutions that provide not only historical and current waiting time data but also predictive insights into future waiting times and smart resource allocation capabilities. Enter AirportLabs' Passenger Flow Model (PFM) – a dynamic solution that takes care of this need completely.

The Imperative of Accurate Waiting Time Data

The core of providing a smooth passenger experience is having accurate data on passenger waiting times. Beyond historical and current data, the capability to anticipate future waiting times becomes a strategic asset, enabling airports to proactively manage passenger flow. With accurate data airports gain the agility to optimise resources effectively and enhance the passenger experience.

The PFM capabilities of our products not only capture historical and current waiting time data but are also able to tap into upcoming operations by predicting waiting times and other relevant parameters for airport operations. These capabilities are integrated into products such as Laminar through its flow tracking and object identification ability, Airport Community App through its provision of real-time waiting times information on mobile platforms, RealTime through the enabling of real-time passenger flow monitoring and Allegra RMS through its asset allocation management abilities.

Empowering Staff for Proactive Decision-Making

In the dynamic airport environment, frontline staff plays a crucial role in facilitating the smooth movement of passengers. Here's where AirportLabs' PFM comes into focus. Through RealTime and Airport Community App products, PFM equips staff with real-time information, placing optimisation capabilities at their fingertips. This empowers them to be proactive and make timely decisions.

In scenarios of unexpected passenger surges, PFM ensures staff receive instant notifications, keeping them informed about waiting times and resource allocation. Insightful and easy-to-grasp graphical and tabular representations guide their decision-making process, allowing for swift and informed choices. Staff members can monitor various real-time information, including the movements of the first and last passengers, as well as track disembarkation and travel times.

Additionally, they have the capability to evaluate whether the expected passenger demand aligns with the designated resource allocation to minimise waiting times. The integration of PFM capabilities into Allegra RMS provides additional support to the automatic allocation of airport resources, facilitating their efficient use in the places where they are needed the most.

PFM - An Integrated Approach to Optimising the Passenger Journey

In summary, AirportLabs' PFM is a core solution in the airport ecosystem that supports the target of enhanced passenger experience. Covering accurate data collection and prediction and empowering staff for proactive decision-making and smart resource allocation, our solution addresses every facet, enabling airports to not only meet but also surpass passenger expectations. Take the first step towards transforming your airport operations - schedule a call with us now to explore how AirportLabs can streamline your passenger journey and elevate your airport experience.