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RealTime Airport

Complete situational awareness and A-CDM compliant solution, digital twin for large and busy airports.

Complete awareness of your airport, on one screen

Deployed in the world's largest airports
Runs in tens of command and control centers
Used to coordinate the airports and the world's biggest events
Orchestrate your entire airport

Visualize and understand

See your operation in real time, airside and landside, aircraft, passengers, traffic etc.

Detect anomalies

Get automatic alerts when things seem wrong and handle them before they disrupt.

Collaborate on a single platform

Bring all your stakeholders on a single platform - virtually.

Predictive operations and improved efficiency

Support for ACDM and other inter company processes to drive efficiency through collaboration.

Orchestrate your entire airport

Simulate operational scenarios and plan for the recovery.

Not just control, orchestrate your entire airport

Integrate any airport system to visualize and control it.

Improve decision making

Delegate decisions to the right entities
and use pre-defined playbooks to resolve issues.

Seamless integration

Bidirectional data exchange with all airport critical systems.

Cloud-based architecture

System upgrades on the run with no impact to users.
Access from anywhere, on any device.

AirportLabs Ecosystem

One product suite to manage all your airport's needs.

Start optimising your day-to-day operations