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AirportLabs Data Router

A scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant data integration & API platform for aviation.

Advanced Integration, API Platform and ESB for aviation data.

Configurable permissions & data source for every field

Bidirectional communication with any data source
Full business rules capability, advanced monitoring and alerting
Cloud-based: redundant, auto-scaling, available

Supports integration of all critical airport systems, for an unlimited inbound and outbound interfaces

Inter-airport exchange; airside & radar systems; airline management systems; check-in systems; baggage systems; slot coordinator; business intelligence; aviation authority; ground handlers.

Connect and retrieve data from any source

ADR allows prioritisation of multi-source data & supports parallel message processing.

Transform complex integrations into tangible and easy to grasp views

Facilitates the data integration process and empowers you to independently manage your own integrations

Keep all systems in check & avoid the risk of failures

ADR provides a monitoring tool capable of interpreting health status of all interfaces and provide alerts through every digital platform, should anything go wrong.

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