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Laminar Passenger Flow

Your hybrid queue and flow management solution with predictive capabilities and actionable insights.

A hybrid solution for queue and flow management.

Easy Setup
No infrastructure setup required with minimal bandwidth requirements.
Portable Sensor
Portable sensor that accurately tracks object classes and identifies overlapping areas.
Real-Time Analytics
Cloud-based Analytics platform for real-time visualisation of your queues.
Data Privacy
Maintain 100% Data Privacy at all times.

ML-based Object Detection

Detect multiple classes (passengers, PRM, luggage, trolleys) and train additional ones (staff, buggies) for accurate object detection across various spatial configurations.

Accurate Waiting Time Prediction

Accurately identify dynamic passenger movements, predict detailed real-time metrics for each touchpoint and generate actionable touchpoint recommendations.

Real-Time Visualisation - Live Maps and Heatmaps

Benefit from dynamic visualisation of queues and movements, along with historical data and configurable waiting time thresholds that enable you to set alerts for individual areas.

100% Data Privacy

All data are directly anonymised at the point of collection, with no identifying data collected; all data are processed and analysed directly on the sensor device, ensuring 100% data privacy at all times.

Laminar Sensor - Ready for Use

A compact, cost-effective sensor that can be easily deployed into your airport architecture - simply plug it into your local network via Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Single optical camera with a 160° field of view, multiple mounting options and large surface area coverage. All collected data are processed and analysed directly on the sensor device.

Cloud-based Analytics Platform

No local infrastructure setup required for our mobile-friendly platform that can easily integrate with any external sensor configuration.

Generate data-driven insights for optimal resource allocation and rely on powerful data analytics capabilities for your reporting purposes, including both historical and real-time data.

AirportLabs Ecosystem

One product suite to manage all your airport's needs. Seamlessly integrate with our mobile companion, Airport Community App or Allegra RMS to receive actionable insights into optimal resource allocation.

Start optimising your day-to-day operations