AirportLabs systems remain fully operational. In this global IT outage, we are standing together with the industry and ready to assist.

Engineered for aviation,

designed for people.

We are a product-driven company and we develop innovative SaaS solutions for optimal aviation operations.

Our main goal is to make aviation more efficient.

We engage in design thinking processes in order to identify critical needs in the aviation ecosystem to develop progressive, cloud-based solutions.

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Software as a Service solution incorporating latest cloud based technologies

State-of-the-art system that acts as a facilitator for multi-airport, multi-company operations.

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Modular and scalable integrations without connectivity bottlenecks

Powerful rule engine allows manipulation of data from any source while being extremely resilient, even in case of disasters.

Efficiency in operations with no support required from on-premise team

24h system health monitoring is in place together with a transparent process of features and improvements deployment.

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The AirportLabs Ecosystem
tailored to your operational needs

Our products are connected

We design our products as cloud-native solutions, providing a seamless integration with each other that enables the creation of the ideal solution for any airport requirement.

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