SkyCore AODB

A central, cloud-based platform which manages all operations and handles complex flight information across multiple airports in real-time.

The last AODB solution you need to implement.

Self Service
Self-service in all operational aspects
Instant Data Exchange
Process unlimited data and exchange it instantly.
Stakeholder Collaboration
Unlimited concurrent, multi-company users.
Scalable & Modular
Scale for individual airports & configure for multi-airport.

Stakeholders informed at all times

Transform user Alerts and system Announcements into User Notifications.

Image with notification center in SkyCore AODB

Rule Engine Editor

Craft Business Rules to transform operational data into operational decisions.

Image with Rule Engine Editor in SkyCore AODB

End-to-End Data Flow

Selectively prioritise and exchange Multi-source Data with a fully tracked operational data flow, from entry to exit. We provide instant, bidirectional data exchange with all airport critical systems and any third-party solutions.

End to end Data Flow

A-CDM Capabilities

Use the integrated A-CDM capabilities to track A-CDM milestones, generate data outputs on completion of milestones and stay informed of milestone progression with CDM Alerts.

ACDM Capabilities

Dedicated AOP module

The integrated AOP module enables you to visualise the impact of different operating plans on your desired set of KPIs and actively take decisions with an impact on your operational efficiency.

Dedicated AOP Modupe

Performance Insights

Customisable Operational Dashboards and Reports enable you to closely monitor your desired Key Performance Indicators and to generate standard and customisable Reports.

Full Operational Autonomy

Independently manage the users, groups and organisations who can access the application along with their permissions  and fully track and audit their activity.

Concurrent Multi-Flight Processing

Edit or link multiple flights at the same time over an entire season.

Multi-Cloud with Agile

DeploymentScalability & Modularity

System upgrades on the run with no impact to users

AirportLabs Ecosystem

One product suite to manage all your airport's needs. Seamlessly integrate with our mobile companion, Airport Community App or Allegra RMS to receive actionable insights into optimal resource allocation.

Start optimising your day-to-day operations