SkyCore AODB

Managing the world’s busiest airports.

The next generation AODB.

Managing the world’s largest international airports
Processing over 1M messages in real time
Hundreds of concurrent users with instant response

Seamless integration

Revolutionary user interface

Focus on what is relevant to you.

Intuitive user experience

Customize data to fit your needs.

In control at all times

Alerts & Notifications.

Advanced auditing

Track all data changes in the platform.

Rule Engine Editor

Create your own fully customisable rules.

Process multiple flights

Edit or link multiple flights at the same time.

User Management

Hundreds of concurrent users with instant response.

Cloud-based architecture

  • System upgrades on the run, with no impact to live operations

  • Remote access for all users for lower carbon emissions

  • SkyCore's scalability delivers the right-sized infrastructure for efficient energy usage.

Bidirectional data exchange with all airport critical systems

AirportLabs Data Router is our proprietary data engine and sits at the core of SkyCore AODB, providing bidirectional, instant data exchange with all airport critical systems and any third-party internal or external solution.

AirportLabs Ecosystem

One product suite to manage all your airport's needs.

Start optimising your day-to-day operations