AirTalk helps you keep the workplace in sync by allowing the users to communicate in real-time with each other on web-based platforms and smartphones.


Ensure communication channels for your airport stakeholders
Keep everyone informed in real time
Link and refer any type of operational data
Helps your airport become more efficient and transparent

Real time operational communication

Provide your airport the ability to directly chat in relation to a turn process, queue optimisation, schedule update or situation that needs instant cooperation.

Full regulatory compliance

Centralise and maintain a compliant platform that protects you from risk of unwarranted activities that may hinder daily activities.

Strengthen collaboration of employees 

A familiar and friendly method to allow your staff to be themselves and feel empowered to form bonds which will smoothen the road to efficiency.

Effortless integration into your management portfolio

Deliver compelling experience by allowing your staff to plan by adding information directly from the products you use to manage and control your airport.

Start optimising your day-to-day operations