year in review
In the retrospect of 2023, our team horizon radiates with progress and we celebrate together the achievements that cultivated this year’s success.
In the retrospect of 2023, our team horizon radiates with progress and we celebrate together the achievements that cultivated this year’s success.

2023 in numbers


New Products Launched


VisionAir FIDS Screens


Alerts Sent on Aiport Community App


AirportLabs Team Growth


Growth in Interactions on Airport Community App


New Users


Increase in Social Media Followers


Internship Candidates

In 2023, we kept innovating

Sync your workplace with real-time collaboration

Flight Information accessible for everyone, from anywhere

Enhance visibility and control over the entire revenue flow of your airport in order to maximise your profits

We help you accelerate your ramp up with AirportLabs Products through self-paced, customised learning.

Transforming aviation worldwide

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We took part in major industry events with 370+ demos and thousands of visitors.

AL Forum 2023
Passenger Terminal Expo
Passenger Terminal Expo
World Aviation Forum
Passenger Terminal Expo
World Aviation Forum

We also managed to gather and enjoy moments of fun and togetherness.

What the team says

Content Writer
My 2023 at AirportLabs was full of new experiences and thanks to that, I developed myself on various levels. I am grateful for our achievements as a team and I'm looking forward to the next year!
Working at AirportLabs is an awesome experience. Contributing to projects of real importance with passionate people inspires me to grow into a better person every day.
I'm thrilled to be part of the AirportLabs team! My year has been filled with new challenges and learnings, and collaborating with all of you has helped me grow both professionally and personally.
Business Analyst
My journey at AirportLabs has been a rewarding experience marked by continuous discovery and learning. Navigating through challenges brought excitement and personal growth, and I am grateful to have had the privilege of crossing paths with many remarkable people
It's been a wonderful journey of rapid growth and skill development, surrounded by supportive and talented colleagues. Even if the office is far from my home, I can't wait for the times when we meet and have fun together, because at Airportlabs we are more than colleagues and it's truly an amazing experience
Technical Writer
This year at AirportLabs continued to be an enriching experience filled with learning and professional growth. I learned even more about technical writing and project collaboration, enhancing my skill set and contributing to the company
Account Manager
I absolutely love the products, the team, the energy and the dynamics. We all share the passion for aviation and that makes me feel like home. I am happy to be here and to contribute to this success story. Thank you all for welcoming me to the team!
I appreciate the meaningful connections I've forged and the enriching conversations I've engaged in at AirportLabs. . This experience has also highlighted areas where I can improve, not just from a ways-of-working perspective but also from a technical standpoint
QA Software Tester
I can say I like it more and more, day by day, week by week, month by month. Who knew a little wind from behind would make me realise that I wanted to work in a Lab or multiple Labs, AirportLabs. I like these Labs and I will continue to grow along with the great people I met and still have to meet. I will keep flying high!
Reflecting on my growth and challenges at AirportLabs, I am grateful for amazing colleagues who've been my constant support. Ready to embrace the path of evolution together.

As we land our story at the close of this year, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your trust and collaboration. From all of us in the AirportLabs team, we send our warmest wishes for a delightful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. Happy holidays and clear skies ahead!

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