Pocket Flights

Flights information accessible for everyone, from anywhere.


No app needed!
Real-time flight notifications
Maximised airport revenue
Seamless integrations

No app installation required

Passengers simply have to scan a QR code to access instant real-time flight information directly on their mobile phone.

Enhanced Passengers Experience

Easy access to latest, up-to-date flight information regardless of passengers’ location in the airport.

Improved Passengers Flow

Eliminate congestion around FIDS screens by granting passengers direct access to flight information right at their fingertips.

Real-time Flight Notifications

Send passengers instant updates on flight status such as delays, cancellations, gate changes, check-in and boarding times. Ensures passengers arrive at their desk/gate exactly when needed.

Maximised Airport Revenue

Passengers can spend more time enjoying airport facilities, shops, and restaurants, leading to increased revenue opportunities.

Multi-Layered Fault Tolerance

Provides an alternative means of accessing flight information during network or power failures, minimising the impact of disruptions on airport operations.  

Start optimising your day-to-day operations