Airport Ascend

Enhance visibility and control over the entire revenue flow of your airport in order to maximise your profits.


Reliable tool for financial operations
Tailored product to meet your needs
Integrate with any system for data harmony
Full control over billing process context

Service catalogue management

Create and manage your catalogue of services in one place; we ensure that any service you record can be easily integrated with third parties.

Define your master data

Index all essential information of customers, create invoice templates and assign specific rules and KPIs, plus other customisable fields that you need in order to operate efficiently.

Billing based on rules

An all encompassing rule engine that supports your tariffs, invoices services automatically, executes checks and collaborates seamlessly with operational products to ensure precision of data.

Powerful billing process

The billing process is enhanced by the ability to simulate, validate and send invoices - either automatically or by manual choice. It also keeps track of the status of all invoiced bills.

Start optimising your day-to-day operations