Building Together: How Our Airport Community App Evolves Through Collaboration

Horatiu Harau
March 12, 2024
Building Together: How Our Airport Community App Evolves Through Collaboration

Evolving Through Collaboration: Biannual Forums Address Industry Needs and Shape Community App Features

Nine years ago, we launched the Airport Community App (ACA), and since then, it has grown into an active community of 39 airports worldwide. ACA is an essential tool that streamlines communication and enhances overall operations within the entire airport ecosystem. It empowers users with real-time insights and innovative features, readily accessible at their fingertips within a user-friendly application.

Beyond providing a valuable tool for individual airports, the app sparked something truly remarkable: a vibrant community. Our clients, recognising the shared challenges and opportunities within the industry, took the initiative to create a platform for collaboration. This organic community, born from user initiative, has become the lifeblood of the Airport Community App's continual improvement. As a result, twice a year, we collectively host a forum meeting where representatives from the community gather to discuss the latest trends and efficiency initiatives. This is crucial for staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing aviation landscape.

The biannual forum serves as a dynamic hub, fostering knowledge exchange and collaborative learning within the Airport Community App’s community. This collaborative environment allows airports and AirportLabs to come together and mutually share valuable insights, experiences, and best practices. This ongoing dialogue fuels continuous learning and growth, ensuring that the ACA app remains perfectly attuned to the evolving needs of our vibrant community.

Cultivating Collaboration and Innovation: The Power of the Forum

This collaborative space serves as a fertile ground for innovation, where the collective wisdom of our community fuels the ongoing enhancement and adaptation of the platform. We are deeply committed to listening to the needs of our airports, and this platform empowers us to co-create solutions that truly make a difference.

In our forum, we serve as both a knowledge-sharing hub and an innovation incubator. We value transparent collaboration and focused knowledge exchange to drive aviation industry progress. We presented the latest functionalities and development updates in our forum. Airports could then see if these features are of interest to them, understand their benefits, and choose to activate them for their own use.

  • Knowledge exchange: Airports and AirportLabs come together to share success stories, lessons learned, and specific business cases solved using the ACA. These discussions help identify industry-wide challenges and solutions.
  • Innovation incubation: This forum acts as a laboratory of ideas. Through brainstorming sessions and discussions, participants identify solutions to daily operational challenges, fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Transparent roadmap development: We prioritise a collaborative and transparent product roadmap. By actively involving the community, we ensure that our app addresses the evolving needs of the aviation industry.
  • Focused knowledge sharing: The forum provides a dedicated space for focused discussions and exploration of airport operations. Participants actively engage, share experiences, and learn from each other's perspectives, ultimately driving collective progress.

The Power of Collaboration: Recent Forum Highlights Community Value and New Features

Our community interest aligns perfectly with the two key pillars of the Airport Community App: knowledge sharing and transparent product updates.  Thus, through our active forum, we share valuable insights that inform product development and ensure our features address evolving user requirements. The most recent forum, held at the end of February 2024 included presentations that served as a testament to the collective spirit that drives the continual improvement of the Airport Community App, ensuring it remains relevant and valuable for the global airport community. We were excited to announce the implementation of several new features, including: Automated Runway Status, Manual TOBT Update, Automated Queue Alerts and many more, as well as enhancements on existing features such as the Passenger Flow Model.

The forum garnered positive feedback from attendees, emphasising the value of open communication and collaborative development.

"There was a real sense of collaboration and energy at the forum," said a participant from the February, CA event. "It's clear that a lot of preparation work went into making this run smoothly, and it ensured everyone had a chance to contribute.

The comprehensive information covered and the inclusive atmosphere made it a truly valuable experience. The shared security story was particularly impactful, offering relatable insights and sparking productive discussions." remarked other attendees.”

Forum discussions revealed a strong interest in our Passenger Flow Model (PFM) capabilities. This solution captures and predicts waiting times and other operational parameters, integrating seamlessly with various AirportLabs products like Laminar (flow tracking & object ID), Airport Community App, RealTime (real-time flow monitoring), and Allegra RMS (asset allocation management). This comprehensive approach empowers airports to optimise operations and improve passenger experience. Another key focus area was the AirportLabs Learning Academy. This platform empowers airport personnel to optimise operations by providing: faster onboarding for new personnel. Equipping employees with the necessary skills expedites their productivity, saving time and resources for organisations, while ensuring efficient service for customers.

The evolution of the Airport Community App forum over the past years is a testament to the power of community-driven innovation. It serves as a shining example of how collective spirit can drive continuous improvement of a product. By remaining agile and responsive to the needs of this remarkable community, the Airport Community App looks forward to continuing its journey as a valuable tool for the global airport community.