Timișoara International Airport Selects AirportLabs' VisionAir FIDS to Accelerate Digital Transformation

April 2, 2024
Timișoara International Airport Selects AirportLabs' VisionAir FIDS to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Timișoara “Traian Vuia” International Airport (TSR), a key player in western Romania's aviation network, is undergoing a significant transformation. This established airport, with a rich 60-year history, is experiencing a growth surge thanks to its recently opened Schengen terminal. The new terminal marks a major milestone for Timișoara Airport, solidifying its position as a regional hub and reflecting the city's growing economic and cultural importance.

With passenger capacity projected to increase by a significant 2 million annually, Timișoara Airport recognised the need to enhance operational efficiency to manage this exciting new chapter.

To handle this anticipated growth, Timișoara Airport has partnered with AirportLabs, a move that underscores its commitment to operational excellence. This strategic collaboration will implement digital solutions designed to streamline processes and unlock the airport's full potential, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for passengers in the Schengen era.

The technology roll-out includes AirportLabs' VisionAir FIDS – a total communication platform acting as the main channel for Airports to reach their passengers.

VisionAir FIDS boasts a suite of features designed to enhance the passenger experience, including flight information, intelligent wayfinding, disruption messaging and advertising. It provides full flexibility in creating the desired layout and whether it's video walls, smart displays, or mobile devices, our solution can transform airport terminals into lively, interactive, and attractive spaces, enhancing the overall ambience and passenger experience.

“The FIDS solution provided by AirportLabs exceeds all our expectations. We note the ease of use of the core features, but also the vast palette of additional functionalities that allow customisation and granularity, thus satisfying all our needs.” says Andrei-Raul Obreja, IT & Communications Manager,  Timişoara International Airport.

Additionally, the cloud-based nature of VisionAir FIDS eliminates the need for on-premise hardware and maintenance, while enabling the deployment of an unlimited number of screens without incurring additional costs, effectively reaching passengers both within and outside the airport premises. This ensures a fast and accessible implementation, allowing Timișoara Airport to reap the benefits of a modern and efficient passenger communication system.

‘’We are honoured to be chosen by Timisoara International Airport to support their vision towards digitalisation, growth and improved passenger experience" said Bianca Făgăraș, Product Manager VisionAir FIDS, AirportLabs.  "At AirportLabs, we're passionate about aviation's future, and we help airports embrace it through cutting-edge technology. Our modular solutions fit together like building blocks, unlocking the valuable data airports hold to create a customised path to efficiency. We focus on every aspect of an airport's operation, streamlining workflows and making the passenger experience smoother. This way, airports can not only handle growth but also become future-proof with the help of technology. By prioritising efficiency, a better passenger experience, and potential revenue growth, we collaborate with airports to build a thriving future together."

AirportLabs empowers the world’s largest and busiest international airports with Total Airport Management, ground handling, and innovation, while also serving over 50 airports with cloud-based solutions that effectively tackle complex challenges across the entire aviation industry. VisionAir FIDS, a cornerstone of our passenger communication suite, exemplifies this commitment. By partnering with Timișoara International Airport, we're excited to help them navigate their growth trajectory and deliver a seamless, efficient experience for passengers embarking on their journeys.

If you would like to know more about how we can support your airport transformation with operational excellence, please get in touch with us today.