The Airport Community App: A Lifeline during Air Traffic Control System Failure

Romana Pintea
August 29, 2023
The Airport Community App: A Lifeline during Air Traffic Control System Failure

In today's fast-paced world, effective communication and collaboration are crucial for success in any industry. In the aviation sector, where operations are complex and interdependent, a reliable communication platform can make a huge difference and can ensure that airport operations stay on track and manage disruptions effectively. That's where the Airport Community App comes in—an essential tool for streamlined communication and collaboration among companies operating within airports. 

Yesterday, the UK aviation industry experienced a significant disruption due to an air traffic control system failure caused by a technical malfunction in the communication and coordination system used by aircrafts and air traffic controllers. As a result, the airports were left in a very difficult situation having to manage all the operational disruptions. For this, the primary goals were: restoring operations as fast as possible, reducing the pressure on airport staff and efficient communication.

Increased Usage and Significance during the Outage Incident

This incident highlighted the essential role of the Airport Community App in helping airports navigate disruptive events. During the outage, there was a remarkable increase in app usage, with the average usage doubling and peaking at 20 times the norm. This surge in activity not only demonstrated the app's popularity but also emphasised its importance during times of disruption. 

Uniting the Aviation Landscape: A Testimony of Solidarity 

The outage incident also showcased the Airport Community App's ability to foster collaboration among diverse entities. UK airports quickly used the app to: 

  1. Issue alerts and communicate with airlines, ground handlers, and other stakeholders. This solidarity extended beyond borders, as European airports also utilised the app to signal the issue. 
  2. Keep everybody informed in real time through notifications. Over 6.5 million push notifications were sent during this time, which was 2 to 3 times the average. This fast dissemination of information was efficient and cost-effective, saving customers over £200,000 compared to traditional SMS notifications. 

Reliability Redefined: A Platform that Withstands Pressure 

The ability of a communication platform to perform perfectly even in stressful situations is the ultimate testament to its strength. Despite experiencing a significant increase in usage and message volume, the Airport Community App maintained its consistency and dependability. This can be attributed to its cloud-based nature and its emphasis on scalability. The app's reliability reaffirms its status as an indispensable tool for both regular operations and crisis management. 

Gathering User Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Following the return to normal operations, we seek to gain a deeper insight into how the app can assist in similar instances of disruptions. If you are using the Community app, we kindly request you to use the feedback feature within the app to share your thoughts on enhancing your experience during such occurrences.

The Airport Community App: Your Trusted Partner in Unforeseen, Highly Disruptive Operational Scenarios  

In conclusion, the Airport Community App demonstrates the transformative power of technology in revolutionising communication and collaboration. It goes beyond being a tool—it is a lifeline that ensures the smooth functioning of complex airport operations. The recent outage incident highlighted not only the capabilities of the app but also the industry's reliance on innovative solutions. As the aviation landscape evolves, the Airport Community App sets an example of how technology can unite diverse stakeholders and drive the industry forward, regardless of the challenges ahead.