PocketFlights: The Resilient FIDS Solution for Uninterrupted Airport Operations

September 22, 2023
PocketFlights: The Resilient FIDS Solution for Uninterrupted Airport Operations

In our previous articles, we have delved into the intricacies of how AirportLabs ensures continuous system operation even in the face of cloud failures and internet connectivity issues. Today, we shift our focus to an equally critical aspect of airport operations: internal network and power failures. While our cloud-based systems are less affected by internal network disruptions, there is one area that can be particularly vulnerable in such situations – the Flight Information Display System (FIDS). In this article, we introduce you to PocketFlights, our innovative FIDS solution designed to provide uninterrupted passenger information, even when the local network experiences hiccups.

The Challenge of FIDS Displays

Airport operations heavily rely on the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) to keep passengers informed about flight schedules, gate changes, boarding queues, and other critical information. Traditionally, FIDS displays are connected to the airport's internal network, making them vulnerable to network failures. When the network or power goes down, these displays become inaccessible, causing confusion and frustration among passengers.

Introducing PocketFlights

To address the challenges posed by network failures and to cater to the needs of the digital-native generation, AirportLabs has developed PocketFlights, a revolutionary FIDS solution accessible directly from passengers' mobile phones. With PocketFlights, we have found a way to ensure passengers have access to real-time flight information, even when the airport's internal network experiences disruptions or in case of power outages.

How Does PocketFlights Work?

PocketFlights is incredibly user-friendly and does not require passengers to install any additional apps. This is how it works:

1. QR Code Accessibility: Passengers can access PocketFlights by simply scanning a QR code displayed at the airport. These QR codes can be strategically placed throughout the terminal, ensuring easy access for all passengers.

2. Real-Time Updates: Once a passenger scans the QR code, they gain instant access to a wealth of information, including flight details, gate assignments, boarding queues, maps, and more. All information is updated in real time, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

3. No App Installation: The beauty of PocketFlights lies in its simplicity. Passengers don't need to clutter their smartphones with additional apps; they can access the information they need right from their device's web browser.

4. Continuous Use: Our FIDS solution can be configured to automatically switch to the QR code in the event of a network outage. This ensures that passengers always have access to vital flight information, even during disruptions.

Multi-Layered Fault Tolerance

PocketFlights serves as a pivotal component in AirportLabs' multi-layered fault-tolerant solutions for airports. By providing an alternative means of accessing flight information during network or power failures, we minimize the impact of disruptions on airport operations. Passengers can stay informed and experience smoother travel, even when unexpected issues arise.

Meeting the Expectations

In today's technologically driven world, passenger expectations are higher than ever. They demand real-time information and seamless travel experiences. AirportLabs understands these expectations and has risen to the challenge by developing PocketFlights, a mobile FIDS solution that ensures passengers are never left in the dark, even during internal network failures. With its simplicity and reliability, PocketFlights represents a significant leap forward in ensuring the smooth operation of airport services, further enhancing the passenger experience. Stay tuned for more details on the exciting features of PocketFlights in our upcoming articles.