Narita International Airport Joins A Community of 50+ Worldwide Airports Through AirportLabs’ Community App

Horatiu Harau
February 13, 2024
Narita International Airport Joins A Community of 50+ Worldwide Airports Through AirportLabs’ Community App


We are excited to announce the Airport Community App activation at the Narita International Airport (formerly known as New Tokyo International Airport) which is one of Japan's major international gateways with over 118 million passengers in the past 5 years. It also serves as a vital hub connecting Japan to the rest of the world.

AirportLabs, a product-oriented company with wide expertise in the aviation industry, offers SaaS multi-cloud solutions tailored to streamline all airport operations and elevate the passenger experience. Narita Airport was established in 1978 and is located in the charming city of Narita, about 60 kilometers from Tokyo. This product implementation means that Narita International Airport will make the most of the Airport Community App’s valuable benefits.

The Airport Community App is a mobile platform designed for real-time communication and collaboration, with a focus on unlocking digital transformation and enhancing the efficiency of airports worldwide. Our app is dedicated to facilitating collaboration across all entities working in airports, enabling the instant exchange of important information related to airport operations and adjacent services. It enables the airport staff in real-time to share alerts, monitor flight statuses, and stay updated on airport operations and wait times. Moreover, it also offers the advantage of a non-limited number of users on the app. The Airport Community App empowers airport leadership to effectively manage resources and respond promptly to changing conditions, ultimately improving the experience for both airport staff and travelers.

The Airport Community App implementation at Narita International Airport provides an extensive set of core features, which define a starting point for upcoming advancements, including feature activation and collaborative feature exploration with the AirportLabs team. Some of the key benefits that the Airport Community App is offering are the following:

  • Structured collaboration on pre-defined processes such as turn management, resource allocation, etc.
  • Real-time information such as KPIs, resource allocation, queue information, and emergency messages for the entire community involved in airport operations.
  • Replace costly communication channels and processes with a single channel with unlimited users.
  • Cloud-based architecture - remote access, instant upgrades, right-sized infrastructure.
  • Allow the entire community to report issues before they disrupt operations.
  • Covers the needs of most airport departments, most operational scenarios with new features released every month.

Narita International Airport has shared with us a supporting quote on how Airport Community App complements their strategy.

Narita International Airport's perspective on Airport Community App:

"We are working on promoting digital transformation based on the “AIR NARITA” master policy at Narita International Airport. In order to provide streamlined airport operations at Narita International Airport, we have started to share relevant operational information with around 40,000 employees in real time using the Airport Community Application.”
- Tatsuya Narukiyo, Chief of Digital Transformation Development and Corporate Planning Division at Narita International Airport

The product activation with Narita International Airport represents a significant step forward in our objective to expand our services at a global level. We are fully committed to enhance all facets of airport operations and passenger journey and ultimately shape the future of the aviation industry.

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